Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weedon's Led Zeppelin top ten

It has become a bit fashionable in the last few weeks to say you like Led Zeppelin. All sorts of so-called celebs turned up to pose at the O2 stadium last week. And I admit to being cheesed orft that I didn't at least atempt to play the "I'm a journalist" card to get in. After all, I could write about the subject a damn sight better than the drivelling ignoramuses that have produced their pack-following, soulless, ill-informed nonsense for websites galore. I don't mind genuine Zep fans getting their thoughts down, but surely you ought to know your Friends from your Tea For One, your We're Gonna Groove from your I'm Gonna Crawl, or your Down By The Seaside from The Ocean before you are half-qualified to judge the band.

I have loved the mighty Zep for a wee while now. I bought all the LZ albums (apart of course from the later compilations and live sets) back in 1981. Oddly, In Through The Outdoor was my first (cover A, if you are that geeky, and NO, I have never wetted my pristine magic paint inner sleeve, because I am that geeky). I soon bought Physical Graffiti (for UK Pounds 5.49 from Grant's in Croydon) and then ate up the rest, usually for 2.99 or so from Our Price (though I changed my scratched The Song Remains The Same and also German pressing Led Zep II at WHSmiths for an unscratched copy, which also had the post-fade bit of Thank You which curiously my first copy didn't have).

So, I'm going to get all bloggy on you (hey, I admit I already have) and list my favourite Led Zep songs. "But where is the Nature? This is surely Weedon's World of Nature I have accidentally arrived at via the Next Blog button or via Wikipedia from the Siberian Khatru entry?) Give me Nature!"

I think I'll spare the nature-in-Zep thesis, but I may just mention the eagle metaphor of Ten Years Gone, the owls crying in the night in Four Sticks, the birds which flew in Achilles Last Stand, and I could go on, but I will steer clear of anything to do with hedgerow bustles... (by the way the transliterations of Zep lyrics on the web are, in my opinion, diabolical!)

Anyhow, these are my ten favourite Led Zeppelin songs in order:

1. No quarter
2. Since I've been loving you
3. The Rover
4. Achilles last stand
5. Ten years gone
6. Kashmir
7. For your life
8. The song remains the same
9. The Ocean
10. Fool in the rain

Thank You


John Hague said...

Glad to see you're not listing Stairway to Heaven. Probably the most tiresome track they ever put down on tape and yet the one the lazy radio stations always play.
A bit surprised Black Dog doesn't get in there or Heartbreaker.

BW said...

I agree about Stairway, John. Your alternatives were indeed pushing the list, as were such beauts (in my opinion) as Tea for One, In the Light, The Battle of Evermore and more and more... And I rather like some of the long-winded live Dazed and Confuseds out there, I must confess...