Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weedonian expressions

All coined accidentally by my befuddled mind.

As dry as ditchwater.

It may come down to the toss of a dice.

I’ve dug myself into a pickle.

It’s nothing but a white herring.

I’m sweating like a bucket.

Trying to pull the wool under the carpet.

Not the sharpest cookie in the box.

He’s a minefield of information.

It gets on her goat.

You’re just stabbing yourself in the foot.

I’ll be on your back like a ton of bricks.

They’ve all flooded the ship.

They made a dog’s ear of it.

I nearly feel that I’m into the final hurdle

It sold like a dog.

I was in the last gasp saloon.

He’s got other fires in the oven.

It’s a recipe waiting for disaster.

He’s got his finger on every pulse.

I grabbed the short end of the stick.

It’s not like you’re paid through the earth.

[bragging about website] I'm afraid I've literally blown Brian Stone's burnet moths out of the window.

Freelance designers are short on the ground.

I’ve always had a warm spot for Mistle Thrushes.

I’m not prepared to go the full hog.

I think he’s juggling too many pies.

You shouldn’t bore the tears off people.

He’s just hiding his head under the carpet.

I was hitting it as sweet as a whistle.

Just to keep him from getting under our hair.

She’s not got her finger on the ball.

You haven’t got a foot to stand on.


Will said...

Gawd! It's like the Scottish man tape all over again!

Katie said...

I've heard most of these many, many times, but they still make me laugh...