Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Peru early days

Eared Dove outside my hotel room at the Costa del Sol Ramada (barely three months old) overlooking Lima airport car-park. At this stage I wasn't really sure where I was going or when, so entertained myself watching the thousands of Pacific Doves and lesser numbers of Eareds plus distant Feral Pigeos. The odd Black Vulture added Neotropical charm.

Ice cream at Lima airport. The green sludge top left is really called Machu Picchu.

Waiting at arrivals at Lima.

Waiting for loved ones at Lima.

Bird welcoming committee, Black Vulture, Puerto Palmeras, Tarapoto.

Lima was gloomy, overcast and cool. Tarapoto, an hour's flight north and east was strikingly hot and humid and alive. I was immediately struck also by the motortaxis which are motobike tricycle taxis, completely dominating the roads in a land with very few private cars. At Puerto Plameras I met the owner Dr Carlos Gonzalez and my Prom Peru contact Omar Carbajal, plus Anahi Plenge of Ultimate Voyages. Her husband Rob Williams would be my guide later (and her father is Peru's most famous bird photographer, Heinz Plenge).
Time for a quick bird around the grounds before the rest of the bird fair crew arrive, I think...

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