Monday, January 22, 2007

Legs II

(click each pic for larger versions)
Yesterday, Ray and Will Bowell took me to Thornham for a bit of a morning session with the Lesser Yellowlegs. We were on a tight time budget, though, as we had to leave the site and head back to Peterborough at 10.15am. When we arrived the tide was in, the road to the car-park flooded and the chance of seeing the legs zero. However, at 8.45, as the tide was hurtling out, the bird flew in, circled around surveyed the situation then flew off to join a big flock of Ruff on a flooded field. Eventually, when mud started to show, it came back to the car-park area and we had about half an hour of close-up action with the DSLR. When we left, I checked my shots and they all looked soft. However, the final results were not too ropey: you decide...

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