Thursday, January 18, 2007

Barrow's Goldeneye

Part one of a Marathon weekend trip to Scotland to test the endurance of Hercules, included an overnight drive to Callander, Forth. The target for Kevin Durose, Graham Catley, David Jenkins and I was a drake Barrow's Goldeneye that had been around for a while. We drove overnight and searched from dawn through mist, drizzle, showers, rain and gloom. We gave up hope at 1pm and had some lunch. Food lifted our spirits, though, as strangely did the surefire knowledge that we were never going to see the bird. With a sort of Zen 'letting go' we became unshackled and unburdened, but thought we'd have one last look before heading west to Kintyre and the Ross's Gull. With re-energised bodies and minds it only took a short while to find the drake hiding behind some distant grass in a flood just outside the town, flirting outrageously with a female Goldeneye. Hurrah!
Here is some dodgy digiscoped video action, demonstrating:
a. We saw it,
b. A wee bit of display,
c. The incredible speed of the current pulling the bird through the flood back to the river.

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