Friday, December 29, 2006

Red in tooth and claw

On Boxing Day, I went up to Baston and Langtoft pits. I parked at the ARC pit and climbing over the low fence saw 15m from me a Stoat attackign a Rabbit. The action had obviously been going on some time as the Rabbit was severely wounded over the back of its head and had lost control of its body, was rather weak and twitchy. I took some shots and watched the amazing (though slightly disturbing) action of a tiny Stoat trying to overcome, by persistence, its massive prey. I even took some video (see below), but BE WARNED, it is not for the squeamish and is a tad gruseome. If you find the photos of the blood-stained Stoat offensive, do NOT watch the video!

Canon PowerShot A95 with Kowa TSN-823M + 32xW (click on photos for bigger ones)


Stewart. said...

An excellent video Mike and yes it is quite horrific! Nice photos too. Cheers, Stewart.

Fraser's Birding Blog said...

Remarkable footage! Probably too raw for a David Attenborough film.