Friday, December 29, 2006


Canon PowerShot A95 with Kowa TSN-823M + 32xW
(click photo for bigger version)
This superb Red-throated Diver was found by Vin Fleming on 27.12.06 on the Lake at Deeping Lakes LWT. It only stayed for one day and was only seen by a few locals, but it was a much finer specimen than the freaky-billed bird on the Nene in May 2003, which was my only other RtD in the PBC area. After a fine week of PBC year ticks, when I also added White-fronted Goose, Bittern, Long-tailed Duck, Grey Plover, Common Scoter and Sanderling to my annual list, my PBC area year list now stands at 180, my second-best ever (after 2003, when I scored 182 [or 184 in new money]). Just two days to go, what's next... ?

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