Tuesday, April 11, 2006

False Ringo

On 6.4.06, I went to twitch a Ring Ouzel on the Milton estate, Peterbrough. It was found the evening before by the King of the golf course there, Bill Williamson, who assures me it was a cracking male! He needed to assure me, as of course I didn't see the bird. I had a very pleasant hour sitting on a stile waiting for it to turn up, though. A Nuthatch sang, a Great Spotted Woodepecker drummed, Green Woodpeckers yaffled, Chiffchaffs chiffed and chaffed and a lone Swallow drifted by to the accompaniment of mournful Stormcock song. The closest I got to an ouzel, however, was when a medium-small dark bird emerged from the base of a bush. It turned out there were two of them, and here is a photo of one (and yes I know it hasn't got a white gorget!).

Bill says they are always around...
Canon Powershot A95, Kowa 823 + 32xWLER

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