Monday, June 06, 2005

Castor Hanglands insects

Yesterday (Sunday 5.6.05) the Weedon family outing was to Castor Hanglands NNR, not far from Peterborough. It was fairly sunny so the dragonflies were doing their stuff as were a few early instar bush crickets and the like.
The main true dragon was Hairy Dragonfly and there was the odd Four-spotted Chaser. Otherwise, damselflies dominated, including...

Large Red Damselfly

Other highlights included an abundance of Common Spotted Orchids

This species of sawfly seemed very keen on the buttercups (again click on the pic for a whopper version).

On the way back, Jasmine spotted this caterpillar, which my friend Brian Stone has tied down to Yellow-tail (a moth).

And check out the prolegs on this side by clicking on the image

All Nikon Coolpix 4500

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