Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Eclipse male Garganey, Ferry Meadows CP, Peterborough

This is only the second Garganey I have ever seen at Ferry Meadows. Like the first (in mid-September 2012), this bird was on the small lake called Lynch Lake. This is the smallest of the three conjoined FMCP lakes, and is often the most attractive to wildfowl, particularly dabbling ducks (it is very shallow), where the ducks are remasrkably tolerant of people. This bird, I believe from the wing pattern is an eclipse male, and it is the most confiding Garganey I have seen around Peterborough (to be frank, they are usually exceptionally shy buggers!). The Garganey was found by Andy Frost yesterday, but I was down at Heathrow picking up my dear son Eddie after his flight back from San Diego, so could hardly dash to see the duck...

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