Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Black-winged Stilts at March Farmers

On 14th May 2016 I made arguably my best 'rare' bird find in the Peterborough area (at least as far as finding birds for others to enjoy), when I found two White-winged Black Terns at March Farmers (towards the eastern end of the Nene Washes complex). This year, I think I may have found a challenger, having found, on 29th April, a Cambridgeshire record 'flock' of five Black-winged Stilts at the same site. As the birds have now left the vicinity (classic one day wonders as usual for stilts around here), I can report that there were two pairs among the five, both of which were seen to mate and one of which appeared to be showing signs of preparing a nest! My photos were distant and don't show all five birds, but for what they are worth, here are some...

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