Monday, May 23, 2016

Black-necked Grebe pair at Ferry Meadows CP

Found by Donal Gardener, I believe, on Saturday morning, these beauties were possibly the same pair I found a few weeks ago on the Nene Washes at March Farmers. Like those, this pair were in full breeding plumage and were very sleepy, not attempting to dive to feed during the few hours I was watching them. Also like the Nene Washes birds they expectedly departed overnight. I believe the female of the pair is the one with slightly brighter yellow (rather than orange) ear tufts, which was also slightly smaller. This was also the case with the Nene Washes pair (which were much more distant than these, so beyond photography). If you look carefully you can see at her fluffy rear, above the feet is rather black and white (grey) whereas 'his' fluffy rear has a buff infusion. Lovely birds!