Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ketton Quarry stuff

Jasmine and I went to Ketton Quarry Wildlife Trust reserve in Rutland the other day looking for Adders. We found some nice stuff including a male Adder, Grass Snake, several Common Lizards, a Common Shrew, Dark Green Fritillary and loads of other nice insects and plants. A Good place. I had no idea Dark Green Fritillaries were this close to home, although I have hoped for them at Barnack Hills and Holes etc in the past. Perhaps this year, that site will turn them up, it is only a few miles away to the east. I may try at the weekend.
Male Adder
Oedemera nobilis, aka False Oil Beetle, Thick-Legged Flower Beetle, or Swollen-thighed Beetle (probably)
Common Lizard
Common Lizard with a small beetle taking a ride
Common Lizard
Dark Green Fritillary
A green metallic leaf beetle, perhaps a Cryptocephalus sp?

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