Thursday, April 03, 2014

2014 end-of March update

Last week in March, 2008, I was on 125 (inc 17 'elites'). Year total: 189 (my record total)
Last week in March, 2009, I was on 131 (inc 22 'elites'). Year total: 187
Last week in March, 2010, I was on 126 (inc 15 'elites'). Year total: 177
Last week in March, 2011, I was on 130 (inc 18 'elites'). Year total: 182
Last week in March, 2012, I was on 134 (inc 21*(22) 'elites'). Year total: 183
Last week in March, 2013, I was on 128 (inc 20*(21) 'elites'). Year total: 187
Last week in March, 2014, I am on 124 (inc 17*(18) 'elites'). Year total: ???
 * () Modern counting with Smew as an 'elite'

Here is the traditional state of my personal PBC (Peterborough Bird Club area) year list summary, as of the end March.
It has been a funny year so far. Some very rare local birds hung on since last year, including Hooded Crow, Great Grey Shrike and Glossy Ibis, but apart from finding a Great Northern Diver (and then refinding another), there have been few find highlights or new 'elites' in. Main 'elite' absences are Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, and white-wnged gulls, as well as Rock Pipit, and i've only seen one elite wader (Curlew). A Great White Egret on 31 March was a nice treat, though. Also, the total so far is a bit down on previous years. This was partly caused by the appalling weather on New Year's Day stopping me from mopping up many 'common' species. So far I haven't ticked Woodcock, Red-crested Pochard, Hen Harrier, Brambling, Swallow, Ringed Plover, Little Ringed Plover, or Tree Sparrow (off the top of my head)... So there is plenty of potential for developing this list, and I'm not panicking yet.

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