Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Last week in March, 2008, I was on 125 (inc 17 'elites'). Year total: 189 (my record total)
Last week in March, 2009, I was on 131 (inc 22 'elites'). Year total: 187
Last week in March, 2010, I was on 126 (inc 15 'elites'). Year total: 177
Last week in March, 2011, I was on 130 (inc 18 'elites'). Year total: 182
Last week in March, 2012, I was on 134 (inc 21*(22) 'elites'). Year total: 183
Last week in March, 2013, I am on 128 (inc 20*(21) 'elites'). Year total: ??
 * () Modern counting with Smew as an 'elite'

Here is the traditional state of my personal PBC (Peterborough Bird Club area) year list summary, as of the end March.
Highlights of what feels like quite a productive first three months (despite awful weather), include a self-found Great White Egret, a Hawfinch for the first time since 2009, multiple Brent Geese, and an early Sandwich Tern (only the fourth time I've recorded this species), plus the sheer abundance of Waxwings. Though the overall total is relatively weak, the number of 'elite' species – species which are very scarce and unreliable annually – is good, and that is what really matters.

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Roy Norris said...

At least you are consistent Mike.