Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inca Terns, Lima

Surely one of the finest looking seabirds, Inca Terns were high on my list of target species in Peru, especially as we were staying in Lima on the first couple of nights, a known good place to see them. There is a little colony on a pier occupied by a restaurant which may be called La Rosa Nautica (my memory for restuarant names is v poor). Anyhow, the managaement of the restaurant (or rather the bouncers outside) had a weird attitude, reluctantly letting us photograph the terns, but banning the use of tripods. I reckon they should rebrand the restaurant and use the Inca Terns as their unique selling point, encouraging all tourists to come and see the wonderful birds and stop for a drink and a meal... In the last phot of the pier, uyou can just about make out the dots of terns on the scaffolding below.

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