Monday, September 17, 2012

Redstart at Ferry Meadows CP

This lovely Redstart was first found on Thursday by chief Ferry Meadows CP birdfinder Matt Webb (who also found the Garganey below). It is now Monday, and the bird is still favouring the hedge near sandy patch alongside the hedge between Overton adn Lynch Lakes. At least it is on sunny mornings. Where it goes the rest of the time is at present a mystery, as it wasn't seen on Friday or Sunday at all (days notable for their lack of sunshine).
It looks to be a first winter male, based on the fresh plumage, including a whitish throat, with just a hint of black feathering showing through at the base of the bib (most obvious in the photos when it is perched on the gravel/sand); also the richness of the orange on the underside is prbably too much for a female. Above the bill and eye, there is also a hint of the pale marking which will become white on an adult male.

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Alan Pavey said...

Nice pics :-)