Monday, July 23, 2012

Spotted Flycatchers with dragonfly

I saw my first Spotted Flycatchers of the year yesterday, a family party at Beeby's pits. There were a couple of spotty juveniles and at least one adult. The adult swooped and caught a dragonfly mid-air. It perched and bashed it a bit (in its bill) and tried to swallow the dragon, but after 30 seconds or so, flew up next to one of the juveniles and offered the unprocessed insect as food.
The juvenile took it, but eventually, also had to give uo trying to swallow such a massive meal...

Look, I have brought you a big, tasty dragonfly

Great, I'll have a chomp on that

It'll soon be swallowed. Oh no, I've dropped it...

I am disappointed in you.

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