Sunday, June 03, 2012

Kingfisher Park & Mt Lewis

Boyd's Forest Dragon

Vitoria's Riflebird (male), the only species of bird of paradise I have ever seen

I've been waiting for you! In the loo...

Cane Toad (not native, of course)

Frog (anyone know which species?)

Willie Wagtail

Bassian (White's) Thrush

Bower's Shrike-thrush
On our first afternoon at Kingfisher Park, we went on an excellent adventure to the nearby Mount Lewis and with Del Richards of Fine Feathers Tours. The area is famed for its endemics and we saw plenty of great birds (not all photographed!). In the evening we watched ntaive mammals coming to the feeders as we enjoyed our excellent meal with our hosts Keith and Hilary. Then Keith took us on a night trip around the gardens, looking for owls (mainly Eastern Barn Owl) and mammals (including a Feathertail Glider).

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Hugh said...

In my notes I have the frog as "Cogger's" based on something Ed said. Nice photos of the Bower's...