Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From the Archive... No. 22

I digiscoped this male Ptarmigan last April on Cairngorm. This was the full, uncropped frame. One of the things I have noticed recently comparing digiscoped and DSLR photos (ie comparing the RAW images from the digiscoped Canon PowerShot S95 shots with those of my Canon 30D though a 300mm f4) of the same subject is that the colour is subtly different. The digiscoped images are a little too blue, lacking in yellow and magenta tones. This photo was not taken in RAW, as it was taken with the Canon PowerShot A640, but I decided to tweak the colours in Photoshop to make them more like DSLR images.
Anyhow, I rather like this Ptarmigan. Do you?
For best viewing, click the image and make sure it is scaled to 100% (click again if necessary).


Roy said...

Its a stunning image Mike.
Digiscoped images can often be a little flat, but you have some great depth of field with this one.

Dean Eades said...