Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 One per month

Please leave a comment to vote for your top three favourite photos of the year, from this bunch. Results will be announced shortly...

January: Waxwings, Werrington, Peterborough

February: Marsh Tit, Castor Hanglands, Cambridgeshire

March: Little Gull, Ferry Meadows CP, Peterborough

April: Ptarmigans, Cairngorm

May: Brown Bear, near Kuhmo, Finland

June: Wood Mouse, our garden, Peterborough

July: Chalkhill Blue and bee, Barnack Hills and Holes, Cambridgeshire

August: Pied Flycatcher, Murrow, Cambridgeshire

September: Grey Phalarope, Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

October: Turnstone, The Algarve, Portugal

November: Crested Tit, Loch Garten RSPB

December: male, Sparrowhawk, our garden, Peterborough


Roy said...

1. Waxwing
2. Turnstone

TMitC said...

1. Butterfly and bee
2. Little Gull
3. Wood Mouse

Katie said...

Aarghh. I'm jealous.

1. Wood mouse
2. Ptarmigan
3. Marsh tit

marie said...

1. Pied Flycatcher (of course)
2. Waxwing
3. Sparrowhawk

Joe Beale said...

1.Crested Tit
2.Chalkhill Blue
3.Pied Flycatcher

BW said...

1. Marsh Tit
2. Butterfly & bee
3. Crested Tit

Ed W

BW said...

1. Butterfly & bee
2. Waxwings
3. Ptarmigans

Jo W

baldytrev said...

1. Crested Tit
2. Wood mouse
3. Butterfly & bee

Matt Merritt said...

1. Wood Mouse.
2. Ptarmigan.
3. Crested Tit

I love a Ptarmigan, me, as you well know.

BW said...

1. Sparrowhawk
2. Mouse
3. Crested Tit

Nicki M

alba said...

June, garden mouse
January, waxwing bird
May, bear

BW said...

1. Crested Tit
2. Waxwing
3. Wood Mouse

Laura H

BW said...

1. Crested Tit
2. Waxwing
3. Crested Tit

Louise P

Taedium Vitae! said...

Weed, I think you have already decided on your best with the leading waxwing shot, so:

2.butterfly and bee
3.crested tit

BW said...

Outrageous slur! They are arranged month by month not in order of preference!


Alisterr said...

1. Waxwing
2. Crested Tit
3. Sparrowhawk

JD said...

1. Crested Tit
2. Ptarmigan
3. Chalkhill Blue

R L Jones said...

all beautiful

January, May and July...

the bird, bear and butterfly.

BW said...

1. Butterfly
2. Bear
3. Crested Tit

Dan A

Paul Brook said...

1. Bee and butterfly
2. Crested tit (despite MASSIVE jealousy)
3. Wood mouse

Lovely pics!

BW said...

1. Mouse
2. Waxwing
3. Butterfly

Jas W