Saturday, August 06, 2011

White-line Dart?

I caught this individual last night in Peterborough, and am looking for confirmation of its identity. Any ID help would be gratefully received. As far as I can tell (if With the eye of faith, I would say that with the eye of faith, you can see traces of the little blackish arrowheads in the outer part of the wing, which would point to White-line Dart. But with no experience of these species, I may be missing other features. I have the basic ID right), the possible confusion is with the rare Square-spot Dart.
Or is it a weird-looking Garden Dart?
White-line Dart is described as 'very local' in VC32 (northants and Peterborough), though 60 years ago it was apparently very common in some localities.

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Steve Blain said...

Hi Mike,

Looks like a worn Square-spotted Clay to me?

Nice blog.