Monday, June 13, 2011

Night Heron, PBC list no. 235

Yesterday, Will B and I went to check out a report of a young Night Heron, found by Bob Titman during his WeBs count. He found the bird on a private pit at Bainton Pits, and it sounded like a nightmare to connect with, as it had disappeared into some bushes and reeds and these birds can spend the whole day stock still, without showing. I called Brian Stone to fill him in on the situation and hit the road.
As I approached Bainton pits, I got a call from Will saying that Bob had called to say he had relocated the bird briefly on the Maxey Cut. We met up with Bob and he showed us where it had been so we set about waiting and searching.
Luckily, about three-quarters of an hour later, we saw it land briefly on a little island and got a few brief views over the next couple of hours. It was a first-summer, resembling a spotty juvenile, but with a grey tail, for instance, to show its maturation.
Night Heron is my 235th bird species for the Peterborough area.
The above photo was not it. However, Will got a few shots, you can see here. Later, the weather set in, we left the area, and to date, no one has reconencted with the bird...

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