Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alt Cambs Bird Photo of 2010

STOP PRESS: Official results released! All the (extremely few) votes are in. Hanging chads have been dealt with. Seven (count them) variations on proportional representation applied. Weighting and recounts have finally delivered what can only be described as a mockery of a democratic result. But the polls never lie. The official winners of the Mike Weedon Alt Cambs Bird Photo of 2010 competition are:

1st: Little Gull in flight
2nd: Yellow Wagtail with cow
3rd: Black-tailed Godwit on a post

So congratulations to the winner, Little Gull in flight (which ironically was (together with the perched version) one of just two entries which actually featured on the CBC gallery last year, though it passed under the monthly judge's radar at the time).

What I consider my best bird photos of 2010, taken in Cambridgeshire (as a light-hearted alternative to the official CBC photo of the year competition). If you want to choose your fave of my shots, please leave a comment (with a name, so I can filter out spam).

Buzzard, Castor Hanglands, March

Wheatear, Hampton/Orton Brick Pit, April

Wheatear, Hampton/Orton Brick Pit, April

Sandwich Tern, Ferry Meadows CP, April

Little Gull, Ferry Meadows CP, April

Little Gull, Ferry Meadows CP, April

Yellow Wagtail, Moonshine Gap, April

Ring Ouzel, Castor Mill, April

Green Woodpecker, Castor Mill, April

Black-tailed Godwit, Nene Washes, May

Avocet, Maxey Pits, May

Whimbrel, Maxey Pits, May

Meadow Pipit, Maxey Pits, June

Shag, Ferry Meadows CP, August

Kittiwake, Ferry Meadows CP, September

Kestrel, Peterborough, October

Cormorant, Woodwalton Fen, November

Glaucous Gull, Dogsthorpe Tip, December


Roy said...

I do remember you racing past me on your bike to see the Ring Ouzel at Castor Mill Mike, but from a purely photographic point I would have to say the Blackwit is my favourite as its a perfect ID profile shot with great "bokeh".
Roy Norris

BW said...

I like the winner but the general standard also seems better than the Cambridgeshire Bird Club comp. Their overall winner was a disgrace: a reasonable composition of a dull stonechat but as soft as a bag of frogs. It will look like a pile of poo in the annual report!