Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ego trip

Gordon Bennett, it has taken a long time to catch up with our local Cattle Egret, this autumn. It was initially found (by Charlie Kitchin I think) on and around the Nene Washes what seems like (and probably is) months ago. I have made at least 11 trips to search for this elusive fella. But at least now it has been tied down to a consistent field (and one which I suspected it was favouring weeks ago!).
So, I borrowed the car from Jo today and took a long lunch to finally bung the egret on my year list. After a bit of fannying around, an obliging lady refound it for a few of us birders, including me and local year lister John Saunders.
Hurrah, finally a respectable 174 for the PBC year list. I still want 180 as a minimum, though...

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