Thursday, April 22, 2010

A good week

Spring birding has kicked off in the last week in the Peterborough area, especially around the Ferry Meadows CP complex. Here is a resumé of some of the best bits I've had (others have had more):
Saturday: Green-winged Teal found by John Saunders at Maxey pits,
Sunday: Male Redstart found by Don Gardener at FM,
Monday: Two Black Terns found by me at FM (the first on Birdguides this year),
Tuesday: Male Redstart found by me at Castor Mill; three Arctic Terns found by Brian Stone at FM,
Wednesday: Male Redstart at CM joined by a female Wheatear,
Thursday: Male Ring Ouzel found by DG at Castor Mill (where he also saw the Redstart).

Ring Ouzel, Castor Mill, 22.4.10

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