Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bird Watching mag at Fineshade

We popped out to Fineshade Wood, Northamptonshire, yesterday and wandered about with the RSPB's Chris Andrews looking for kites. This place is brilliant and we saw dozens of kites as well as several Buzzards. Jack Thorpe even brought along a giant roadkill rabbit and he and Sheena Harvey took it in turns getting beastly blood and muck and mmska on their hands ferrying it back and forth from fields. Turns out, though, the kites were more interested in the lambing fields around, presumably after afterbirth etc. Lovely.
It turned out that the best way to see the kites close up was to leave the area and glance over our shoulders, whereupon one would miraculously appear...
In this video, Jack talks to Chris about the reintroduction success in the area.

By the way, if you click on the photos of the kite in the post below, you may just be able to make out there is a thin antenna just visible behind the birds left wing (above the tail). This is apparently a satellite transmitter, one of the few surviving birds with such devices in the area.

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