Sunday, February 07, 2010

Jamaica birds: Other endemics

Jamaican SPindalis (female above, male below)

Black-billed Parrot

Orangequit (male)

Jamaican Euphonia

Jamaican Crow

Blue Mountain Vireo


Dale Forbes said...

did you only see female Jamaican Euphonias, or is the male really that drab. cool bird nonetheless, but not as bright as its mainland counterparts.

Lovely photos once again, Mike!

BW said...

I think subtle, understated beauty is what we are talking about here. These pics are indeed of the glorious male (the female is greener); the pics are all one individual which was singing and nibbling in a bush, allowing some close approach. Perhaps the shots don't really do justice to the pleaseing blue-grey colour. Most of the euphonias we saw were feeding very high in trees out of photo range.