Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm borrowing a camouflaged hide at the mo' and have it in our garden. As it happens, a Great Spotted Woodpecker visited the other day, taking nuts from our Hazel and wedging them in a small apple tree to open them. This is only the second record actually in the garden, and the last time, a few years back, one was doing exactly the same thing for a week or so. So, naturally, I set the hide up to see if the pecker would return. But I am lazy and could only stand an hour and a half of freezing my arse off before I returned to the warm. This Blue Tit is all I had to show for it.


Michael said...

It's a very nice blue tit though.

Dale Forbes said...

nice tits, pity about the pecker.

the weather lots groggy and grey, but that does mean that you got to show off the wonderful soft blues on the mantle and head. nice pics, mike


Sam and Lisa said...

Thanks for posting your Taiga. We had one in Cornwall and captured a rough photo of it, yours certainly helped with Identification.

Fraser Simpson said...

I like the composition in the top shot!