Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Even more from Shetland

Wet Otter

UK's most northerly house, at Skaw, Unst

Martin Garner, the man with Jesus on his hat

Halligarth habitat

American Golden Plover, Lambaness, Unst

Pot-bellied mini-horse

Birding at Halligarth

Working Valyie, Unst

Otter prints and action


Otter spraints

Lambaness Land Rover

Bus Stop


Crafty Green Poet said...

great set of photos, specially the otters and the pony.

Dale Forbes said...

that "birding in halligarth" photo looks like something out of a monty python show

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Loving the otter action Mike, something I'm yet to see in the UK - although I'm yet to see such a camp bus stop either?!?
Hope you are well - looks like your getting out and about lots.
Best wishes
Lisa McFall (Bilboa)