Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dominica: More shots...

Green Iguana

Broad-winged Hawk


Pleasure boat at Portsmouth

Scaly-naped Pigeon on the nest

These crabs in the mangroves near Portsmouth probably co-operated in the making of the two later Pirates of the Caribbean movies... after all everyone else did

Wrecks brought by Hurricane David to Portsmouth in 1979 still sit there

Scenes from the Pirates...

Pseudosphinx tetrio, or the Tetrio Sphinx hawkmoth

Wreck in Portsmouth

While we birded, our boatman performed miracles with reeds!

Parrot viewpoints


Viewing a Broad-winged Hawk

Windsor Park, Roseau, the cricket ground which dominates the capital

Emerald Pool

Read the sign (click for a bigger version)

Welcome to Dominica! The first cafe we visited, at Portsmouth, had a friendly pirate mural...

1 comment:

Dale Forbes said...

great pigeon shot, mike

and you got a scaup on your way to work. damn. nice.

i have just started an "office list". still no scaup on it, but golden eagle and bonelli's warbler are distinct possibilities (although the latter have already left for this year)

happy birding