Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Finnish quickie

Contrary to the advice of a few, we (Brian Stone, Will Bowell, Tony Parker and I) hit south-eastern Finland for a few sleepless days last week (25-29 June). In a nutshell, it is hard to argue with a flight for less than 70 quid and accommodation at less than 15 quid a night. The mozzies will try to argue, though, and they will probably win.

Highlights for me were:
Swinhoe's Snipe (drumming, singing, performing),
Capercaillie (female with young),
Hazel Grouse (two families - did you know the tiny young can fly?),
Three-toed Woodpecker (brilliant views),
White-backed Woodpecker (distant and fleeting)
Black Woodpecker, (which will always be one of my favourite birds),
Thrush Nightingale (not singing, just walking up the path to us feeding happily)
Booted Warbler,
Blyth's Reed Warbler,
Greenish Warbler (all last three in good song)
Red-breasted Flycatcher (in beautiful song),
Slavonian Grebe, Black-throated Diver and Goldeneyes galore with chicks,
More singing Corn Crakes (unseen) and Red-backed Shrikes than we could count,
Racoon Dog,
Canadian Beaver,

[ps We also met the legendary Lee Evans and his gang engaged on an epic journey in a tiny car from Sweden through Finland via the snipe to the north, Varanger and back again. Good luck!]

Thanks very much for organising our trip, Brian!

Now, look at the pics in the posts below...

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