Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Bat in the Hat

This bat was getting a bit of a pecking from a Carrion Crow while it sat squeaking on its back on the ground. I popped it in my Tilley hat and it had no obvious wounds on it. So I put it in a hollow in an oak tree out of sight. It wasn't there when I cycled by in the early evening.

I think it is a Noctule, but if anyone has any other ideas...

(pictures taken on a phone, hence slightly dodgy quality. Taken by Laura Ansell)

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John Hague said...

Hi Mike, looks like a Noctule to me. I've seen them a few times around in the daytime. The last time I saw one was around midday late last October being mobbed by Black-headed Gulls at Birstall Gravel Pits.
It seems that birds don't seem too keen on bats. I wonder why this would be as they're hardly likely to be mistaken for a raptor? Maybe they're seen as an easy meal?

I've now added your site as a link to my Drunkbirders blog. Any chance you would return the favour?