Monday, March 10, 2008

Nene scenes

Looking west toward the brickworks chimneys (note my bike on left)

Whooper Swans
I took an early cycle down the Nene Washes yesterday morning (9.3.08). The place is overloaded with birds – with thousands of Black-tailed Godwits, thousands of Golden Plovers, thousands of Wigeon. Also loads of Snipe appearing all over the place, and bucketloads of Whooper Swans.

Water Pipit
The highlight for me was the number of Water Pipits – I counted at least seven, but they are so shy and flushable, and fly so far when they do flush and there is so much suitable habitat they could be in that it is very hard to get anything like an accurate count.

I also accidentally flushed a male Sparrowhawk which was carrying something distinctly medium-sized – a Snipe perhaps – but I couldn't tie down what the prey was before the hawk carried it off for good.


The Washes, looking east

All images with Canon PowerShot A640 (some digiscoped), apart from Pintails with DSLR

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