Friday, November 16, 2007

Desperate for it

If you fall off your bike and crash, chest first, to the ground, and no one is there to see you, do you still make a sound?

The answer to this particular koan, my friends, (he says, ruining your path to enlightenment), is yes, if you happen to have just dialled on your mobile and someone just answered it.

So, I landed in a winded breathless, groaning agony of a heap, and realised that one of the chief reasons I just fell off my bike was that I was calling Will Bowell. I put my phone to my ear and heard Will telling me to stop making such revolting noises.

Another reason I fell off is that I was hurtling along like Billy Ocean, trying to get to Peterborough's Town Bridge as quickly as possible, as I was dying for the Shag Will had found there (keen to keep the old PBC year list ticking over, don't you know, what?).

When I got there, Brian Stone and Will were watching it resting on the 'bank', as happy as Fat Larry's Band. Brian and Will got the shots and you can see them at The Natural Stone and Will's Adlib Blog. Here are my paltry efforts in the dying light (DSLR)

The Shag then swam east (downstream), fishing as went - even around a drowning swan, but that is another story - then headed under the Fitzwilliam Bridge and was lost from view.

My ribs hurt.

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