Thursday, August 23, 2007


I noticed it for the first time a few weeks ago. I was watching the gogglebox and there was strange high-pitched scraping, crackling sound coming from the top right corner of my hearing. It had been hot and I just assumed a bee or hoverfly was in the conservatory, banging its wings against the lightshade or the window. But it continued, so I went for an explore.

I searched all over the consrvatory, but there was no sign of the source of the crackle – but surely one of my pitcher plants, sundews or venus flytraps would get it, whatever it was...

But the crackling didn't stop, it was always there, like bristling electricity or a battery of fairies typing their memoirs. Crackle crackle, non-stop invisible crackle from somewhere near the glass roof of the conservatory.

Now I have found what the source of the sound is, I feel strangely at peace, though the crackling is a constant companion to any TV watching, only dying down in the dead of night.

Just beneath our bedroom window, and just above the conservatory, deep within the brickwork broods the bristling, bustling, thriving nest of a million wasps.


Katie said...

Your video is a lot better than it used to be. What did you film it with?

Mike said...

I used my PowerShot A640. Unfortunately it used an enormous amount of memory (more than 80Mb) and took about a year to load onto YouTube. But I agree, it does seem better than the A95 or Coolpix 4500 vids.

Katie said...