Friday, June 22, 2007

Smell city

Puffin – this is what they come to see.

Action among the Gannets


Puffin noting that its shadow has a Puffin's face pattern...


Two Gannets greet each other

I went to RSPB Bempton Cliffs yesterday (21.6.07) with Will Bowell. Work, you understand... I went with the express purpose of digiscoping seabirds, so I could write about it in the August issue of Bird Watching Magazine. For the full story, you will have to wait until that mag comes out. But, considering rain and cloud were forecast, so we were rather pressed for time, the trip was a roaring success. As it happens, it was sunny nearly all the time we were there...
Bempton is fantastic, with much bigger cliffs, much more plentiful seabirds and much better views than I expected. I even developed rather a liking for the fishy guano stench. Mmmmmmmm!
Enjoy these digiscoped shots. And I've bunged a few more on the Bird Watching Blog
Click the pics for big versions, as usual.