Thursday, March 15, 2007

Maxey 15.3.07

Golden Plovers

15.3.07 6.50-7.25am Maxey pits 6.45-7.40am
Another freezing sunny morning. The highlight was my first Little Ringed Plover of the year – my first summer migrant, locally. Good numbers of Golden Plover came in to bathe, a few passage Dunlin were present, and the Ringed Plover territories are going to be fiercely battled over, it seems, with at least 7 birds now present (they are hard to count here!).

Little Grebe, 2 pairs at least, plus another winter looking bird
Mute Swan, 2, pair),
Tufted Duck, c20, predominantly drakes together, plus scattered pairs and birds
Gadwall, 5,
Wigeon, 2
Mallard, c20
Shelduck, 8,
Teal, 57 counted,
Ringed Plover, 7,at least, including one winter looking bird,. Very territorial, with lots of singing and display flights.
Little Ringed Plover, my first of the year, flew off towards western pits at 7am,
Golden Plover, 713
Green Sandpiper, 1,
Snipe, 1,
Dunlin, 3, winter birds
Lapwing, a couple more birds scraping nests, and a vicious fight broke out between two birds.

[ps I'll post one or pics once Blogger lets me again...]

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