Monday, September 25, 2006


I tagged along with Ray (ta muchly for the lift) and Will Bowell together with Kevin Durose to head to Norfolk yesterday (24.9.06) to pay homage to the superb juvenile Pallid Harrier at Winterton. While there, we popped over to see the juvenile Rosy Pastor by the dunes. It had already gathered a reputation as a manky bird, being complete with full-to-bursting ticks. Only one blood-fileld parasite was left by the time we saw it, and though not in the best of all possible health, the starling was still well enough to munch a few dozen craneflies and grasshoppers while we watched. It was typically bold and approached the gathering crowd of photographers waiting outside its chicken-wired 'enclosure', to a few feet. Showing well, as the cliché goes...
I quote: "These are private houses, you can't just go where you want, and I told you only one of you could come through at a time. Go back where you came from and leave us in peace!"

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Canon PowerShot A95 with Kowa TSN-823M + 32xW

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