Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More on the Yellow Wags

Further to my post below about the colour-ringed Yellow Wagtail, I contacted Guy Anderson at the RSPB with all the info I could glean and some of my photos (see the earlier post).
He came back with the following information:
"The 'red' ring is actually orange (these two colours regularly get mixed up). The ring above the metal on the right leg is yellow (these fade a bit). This makes the bird P886234, which fits the metal ring you've seen perfectly.She was ringed as a chick in a nest near Deeping St Nicholas on 1 July 2003, so she's obviously returned pretty close to her natal area to breed, but she's made the journey to Africa and back 3 times now. I suspect she must be having a second brood this late in the season."

That flimsy little passerine is one tough bird! Respect.

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