Friday, June 16, 2006

Large Skipper

This Large Skipper (a male) was the only butterfly in my garden last night (15.6.06). It was the second time one has appeared in the garden. The garden list is 21 specie sof butterfly – not bad for a suburban garden about a mile from Peterborough station.
The list is as follows:
Orange-tip; Small White; Green-veined White; Large White; Brimstone;
Small Copper; Brown Argus; Common Blue; Holly Blue;
Small Skipper; Essex Skipper; Large Skipper;
Red Admiral; Comma; Small Tortoiseshell; Peacock; Painted Lady;
Meadow Brown; Gatekeeper; Ringlet; Speckled Wood.
I suppose one day a Small heath may drift our way, or even a Clouded Yellow, or perhaps a Green Hairstreak or Wall Brown, but other than that, it is mor ea less a full house for the garden.

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