Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Frosty morning at Orton Brick Pit

I didn't have the time or motivation for the usual Saturday morning slog to Prior's Fen (BTNStone had covered it on Friday), so I went down to Orton Brick Pit, instead, to look for divers (there have been hordes of them at the mighty Grafham Water recently) on 19.11.05. The best I got was a couple of flushed Jack Snipe on the mound, but it was a truly beautifiul, still, frosty morning and a joy to be out in the frozen sunlight. Here are some snaps of frost and a Cormorant. [For those interested, I think the gular patch angle approximates to carbo rather than sinensis (ie it is closer to 60° than 85°)]
Canon Powershot A95 (for Cormorant through Kowa TSN 823 + 32xWLER)

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