Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Picos De Europa, 25-28.5.05

I've once more (and for the last time this year) been guiding in the Picos de Europa, once more with Matt Hobbs for the Company of Whales. Thanks to all on the trip for a great time. The highlights included finding a Wallcreeper nest-site more than 1,000 dolphins, nine Fin Whales (including three close to the ship together) and three Minke Whales on the last day. A fuller trip report should be appearing later at www.companyofwhales.co.uk
Meantime, this selection is from the Spanish part of the Biscay-Picos-Biscay sandwich which makes up the holiday.

Most of the photos are clickable for a larger image...
Redstart, Brez, 25.5.05:

Ascalaphid (Libelloides sp.), Brez, 25.5.05:

Crab spider on Pink Butterfly Orchid, road to Brez, 25.5.05:

Heath Fritillary Brez, 25.5.05:

Streetlight: Glow-worm on the road at Brez, 25.5.05:

Me and my shadow: Alpine Newts, Fuente De, 26.5.05

Cirl Bunting (male), road to Cabanes, 26.5.05

Heath Fritillary, road to Cabanes, 26.5.05

Lizard Orchid, road to Cabanes, 26.5.05

Black Redstart, Fuente De, 26.5.05

Large Skipper, Cosgaya, 27.5.05

Duke of Burgundy, Cosgaya, 27.5.05

Black Vanilla Orchid, Puerto San Glorio, 27.5.05

Grizzled Skipper, Puerto San Glorio, 27.5.05
Nikon Coolpix 4500 or Coolpix 880 (birds with latter plus Kowa 881 & 32WLER)


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