Monday, March 07, 2005

Nene Washes, part 1

Yesterday (6.3.05), I had a busy old birding day. In the early morning, I visited the RSPB Nene Washes reserve, which was solid with ice and glorious. The first bird I saw was a Barn Owl, and the second a Short-eared Owl – two of my favourite birds. The long walk down the central drove provided few highlights, though, as always the place is full of atmosphere. A flock of about 50 Dunlin was one of the most interesting things, though I also found this dog fox lurking in the long grass.

Unfortunately, I mentioned this later to the assistant warden, and I fear the fox's days are numbered, as they are shot if found as potential destroyers of scarce wader chicks.
The other highlight for me was a cluster of three Stonechats which I tried to photograph along the drove.

Despite the frozen ground, this one managed to grab a worm, which you can just see part of still in its bill.

Nikon Coolpix 880 + Kowa TSN-821 + 32xW LER

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