Monday, January 17, 2005

Iceland Gull

Iceland Gull is a pretty rare bird in these here parts (ie around Peterborough it's roughly annual), so I was off like a light when I got the call yesterday from Kevin 'Pinkerton' DuRose that he had a second-winter up at Star Pit, Dogsthorpe (his second [first?] home). Katie the Bog made good time in coming to grab me and lift me up there, and we had fine views of the white-and-lovely gullster. On KDR's close-up shots (not mine) you can see the pale iris acquired during the second-winter period.

Second-winter Iceland Gull (and 'friends': Great Black-backed, Herring, Black-headed Gulls...), Dogsthorpe Star Pit, 16.1.05

Second-winter Iceland Gull (and friends), Dogsthorpe Star Pit, 16.1.05

You can sort of make out the pale iris if you screw your own eyes up, on this dodgy shot (the Black-headed Gull on the left is laughing at how poor the photo is).

Then it flew off...
Nikon Coolpix 880 + Kowa TSN-821 + 32xW LER

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Chris Moonbeams said...

Hi, I was just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how this all works.

This is one to watch.


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