Friday, October 22, 2004

From the archives... No. 4

I was having a look around Ferry Meadows yesterday (21.10.04) and, though it was very windy, one or two Migrant Hawker dragonflies were still on the wing. This got me a bit nostalgic abou the glory months of summer, when our dragonfly friends were the most prominent wildlife out there and 'interesting' birds were thin on the ground. So, I got to dibbling in the archive and dragged out a couple of slightly similar damselflies, the Red-eyed Damselfy, which hangs out on lilypads on slow-moving water bodies, and the smaller Blue-tailed Damselfy, which hangs around the edges of water bodies.

Red-eyed Damselfy, Woodwalton Fen, Cambs, 28.6.04.

Blue-tailed Damselfy, Woodwalton Fen, Cambs, 28.6.04.

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